# Playground

Use these tools to learn how Operate works.

1. Transaction inspector

Use the transaction inspector to load and execute a transaction. Not every transaction will contain a valid tape, but try any Twetch, Bitpaste, Bitstagram or WeatherSV transaction.

2. Millionaire maker

Become the latest Bitcoin millionaire by letting Bitcoin pick your lottery numbers this week. The math/rand_int function will deterministicly calculate random numbers in your specified range.

Generate numbers between and .

My name is .

  0xB3D08D9E	# math/rand_int
    "6" 		# numbers
    "1" 		# min
    "59"		# max
  0x0CA59130	# object/put_new
    "Satoshi Nakamoto"abc
Alert icon

Invalid arguments. Please ensure all fields above are entered correctly and you have allowed a big enough range from which to pick all the numbers you require.