Operate | BSV

On-chain functions. Turing complete Bitcoin. Limitless possibilities.

Operate is a toolset to help developers build applications, games and services on top of Bitcoin (SV). It lets you write functions, called "Ops", and enables transactions to become small but powerful programs, capable of delivering new classes of services layered over Bitcoin.


  • # On-chain functions

    Create functions that can process data, perform calculations and operations, and initiate off-chain actions.

  • # Turing complete Bitcoin

    Write programs that return any computable value. Even write programs that write other programs!

  • # Smart, extensible, protocols

    Design OP_RETURN protocols that can implement application logic and integrate with other services and platforms.

  • # Flexible integration options

    Create extensions to integrate Operate with your own application and other microservices.

  • # Decentralised ecosystem

    A decentralised, permissionless repository of functions that anyone can use and contribute to.

  • # Content addressable

    One reference per unique function. A universal naming mechanism where no authority owns a namespace.

  • # Familiar conventions

    Operate's design is based on already familiar conventions and patterns established with Bitcom.

  • # Do Bitcoin your way

    You chose how Operate connects to Bitcoin, whether through Planaria, API gateways or directly to your own Bitcoin node.