Building on Bitcoin at Coingeek and Cambrian

In February I had the opportunity to get up on stage at CoinGeek London to present Operate. I discussed how BSV's impressive collection of developer tools adds immense value by attracting developers and encouraging innovation. And I provided a brief high-level overview of some of the ways Operate can help developers build apps and services.

If you missed it, then watch below:

At the end of the presentation I revealed that a JavaScript agent for Operate is in the works and landing soon! I can confirm that soon means soon (not 18 months).

# Cambrian SV

Earlier in February I was lucky to be able to attend the CambrianSV event in Lisbon. I teamed up with @unanon_ and our plan was to build and launch the JavaScript agent that week.

The plan turned out to be a little unrealistic. In between workshops, debates, meeting and chatting with other developers, plus a bit of downtime looking around Lisbon, there wasn't much time left for head-down coding.

Lua vs JavaScript

February was an incredible month - two amazing events and experiences. Jack, Ella, Paul and Dan did a great job with Cambrian, and the scale of the Coingeek event was mind blowing. Along the way I got to meet some of the smartest, most impressive thinkers I've come across in my life, all of whom are united by the same vision.

March has come along and it's fair to say has brought a different vibe with it. Despite the imminent end of the World, last month has left me enthused and focused. It's time to hunker down, keep healthy and keep building. 💪